Rainbow Filters
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Flat Panel Filters

THF filter zoomed out
CA1 Panel Filters
“Rainbow” CA1 Panels Filters are removable type filters suitable for packaged air conditioning units. Also when combined with “Rainbow” steel holding frames allow for simple multi-bank installations.
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Grease and Particle Mesh Filters
The Rainbow Grease/Particle Filter has found wide acceptance for the removal of grease and fat from air carrying cooking vapors in exhaust hoods which prevent costly maintenance to the fan duct work and motor.
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TFS Panel Filter - BG-07 Series
TFS Fly Screen Filter
"Rainbow" TFS are removable panel type filters suitable for small air conditioning units and common return air plenums with very low pressure drop. No oiling agents are required, and maintenance is simply carried out by removing the filter cell and replacing with a new one.
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TRP.THF Frames with Media 1 - TRPTHF Series
The THF/TRP filter is a fixed frame dropdown/removable gate and pad type filter, providing a suitable housing for the “Rainbow” range of filter fabrics, in single or double layers of media. The dropdown/removable gate allows easy access to the filter media and no additional holding frames are required.
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