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Rainbow Filters Fibreglass Media


Strip-n-clean offers the following benefits

  • Effectively removes paint overspray of all types of paints-lacquers, air dry or baked enamel.
  • Protects exhaust ducts, fans and motors from paint build up.
  • Clean exhaust air is discharged to the atmosphere.
  • Economical to use.
  • Open weave fibre pattern holds more paint.

Should the media surface become heavily coated with paint, the front section of the media can be stripped off, thus extending the life of the media.

To increase efficiency, the air leaving side has a heavier coating of bonder. The white side is the air inlet side and the green the air leaving side.


Fibreglass Cardboard Frame filters

Product list

CodeDepth (mm)Length (m)Nominal ThicknessClean Resistance PaInitial Resistance PaFace Velocity
RFM-SGL205002050807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL216102050807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL227622250807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL2310002050807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL2412002450807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL2515002050807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL2618002450807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL278502050807-450.7-1.75 m/s
RFM-SGL2820002450807-450.7-1.75 m/s

Technical Data

Thickness :  50mm
Face Velocity:    0.7 – 1.75 m/s
Initial Resistance:   7 – 45 Pa
Recommended final resistance:    80 Pa
Rated air flow/metre2:    694 – 1750 L/s
Paint spray retaining capacity (at 80Pa/130Pa and 0.7 m.s):    3500 – 4600 g/m³
Paint spray arrestance:    90 – 95%
Temperature limits:    -15° to 80° C
Colour:    White, green tint on air leaving side.