Rainbow Filters
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MultiWedge Deep Bed Filter


With RFM G4 or RFM F5 Media

“RAINBOW” MULTI WEDGE Deep Bed Filters consist of three basic parts.

The Main Mounting or Fixed Frame consists of a heavy gauge steel frame with two media support rods fixed vertically to keep the media in position.

The Inner Media Retaining Frame creates a positive seal between the media and the main frame, thus ensuring there is no air bypass. This frame also has a shaped wire frame incorporated to form the media bag into the correct shape.

The Filter Bag of “G4 or F5 Media” is sewn into three wedges, or one wedge, depending on the size of the face area of the filter (see chart below). This gives a large media area in proportion to the face area and the depth of the filter. The media area gives the filter a very large dust holding capacity.

These filters are also available in F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 media.

Product Specifications

CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)EfficiencyNumber of Pockets