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Rainbow Honeycomb Grease Filters - Stainless Steel

Honeycomb Grease Filter 2 - JC Series


The ‘Rainbow’ Honeycomb Grease Filter is designed for use in kitchen exhaust systems. The aluminium OR stainless steel construction ensures easy handling and cleaning.

The Filter Media used is a metal honeycomb 50 mm thick, manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel. This 50 mm wide aluminium or stainless steel foil strip is formed into a system of double compound curves so that when folded back on itself it forms a non-nesting system of smooth-walled honeycombs.

This honeycomb design splits the incoming air into approximately 32,000 separate airstreams per square metre of filter surface. This causes the grease laden air to change direction, the inertia of the grease causes it to impinge and condense onto the aluminium or stainless steel surface thus preventing grease from entering the exhaust system.

Product Specifications

CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)