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HEPA Filter - Minipleat


These Mini – pleated HEPA filters use glass fibre media with an efficiency of H13 and H14. The frames can be galvanized steel, or aluminum. The Mini pleat HEPA filter series is designed to meet efficiency and air flow requirements for low pressure drop and resistance. The filter is manufactured to meet stringent filtering standards for filtering air borne particulates and contaminants in semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, food processing and other critical industries.

Product list

CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Capacity (L/S)Clean Resistance PaEfficiency
H13MP122061070610122070450 @ 0.6M/S135H13
H13MP305305703053057055 @0.6M/S135H13
H13MP6106107061061070225 @0.6M/S135H13
H13MP9156106961091570335 @0.6m/s135H13


Series : Mini – pleat series
Frame : Aluminum & Galvanized
Separators: Hot Melt
Media : Glass fibre
Sealant : Polyurethance
Temperature : < 70° C
Humidity : <100% RH
Efficiency : 
MPPS : > 99.995% (H13);
DOP : > 99.97% @ o.3 µm


The extended media surface combined with precisely controlled bead separator pleating creates low resistance to air flow and saves energy consumption. The light weight of the HEPA filter assists easy installation.


All filters are individually tested to verify that each filter shipped meets the specified efficiency. They are designed for applications such as health care, commercial, educational and industrial buildings.