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HEPA Filter High Volume Minipleat V Bank


These Mini-pleated V-bank filters use glass fibre media with efficiencies in H11, H13, and H14. The frames can be galvanized steel, ABS or aluminum.

Product list

CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Capacity (L/S)Clean Resistance PaEfficiency
H135VB610610290610610292944 @ 2.54m/s270H13
H13MP3VB610305290305610292472 @2.54m/s280H13


Series: V-bank Series
Frame: ABS; Gal. steel; Aluminum
Separators: Hot Melt
Media: Glass Fibre
Sealant: Polyurethane
MPPS: >95 %( H11);
DOP: >95%@0.3µm
MPPS: >99.95 %( H13);
DOP: >99.97%@0.3µm
MPPS: >99.995 %( H14);
DOP: >99.99%@0.3µm
Temperature: <70° C
Humidity: <100 % RH
Recommended final Pressure drop: < 600Pa


Extended media surface filters create lower resistance to higher air flows which saves energy consumption. Large media area, up to 41 M², provides filters with longer life and higher dust holding capacity. This is a perfect choice for your most critical environments.


These filters are suitable for almost any application, such as PRE FILTER for power generating facilities, or FINAL FILTER for High-Tech industries. These Filters can function normally in areas of repeated turbulent air flow, repeated fan shutdown, desert, and marine installations.