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Gitasan Accelerator Clamshell Pack

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Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide



A potent, cost effective and rapid acting odour, bacteria and mould removal system for the control of smoke odour, pet odours, vomit, mould and similar malodours affecting homes, rental accommodation and marine vessels.

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Independent Research

“While the gas treatment is successful in inactivating mould and bacterial colonies, the treatment comes with a caveat in that chlorine dioxide gas has corrosive properties and care has to be taken that the treatment does not result in the degradation of the contents as well as the components of the structure.”

(That said it is noted that chlorine dioxide is widely used to destroy and prevent mould in highly sensitive library environments).

“It has been used in the past, as the disinfection of the offices of the Hart Senate Office Building by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2002 was achieved with the help of clo2 gas. This treatment can be considered where buildings are emptied of sensitive items and the construction of the building is such that there are inaccessible mould contaminated areas. In conclusion, this study has shown that chlorine dioxide gas can be effective as a fumigant for the inactivation of certain fungal colonies.”
Centre for Indoor Air Research, Health Sciences Centre, Texas Tech University

Features and Benefits

GITASAN ACCELERATOR foil pack contains 20 gm of self activating chlorine dioxide (clo2) powder. When used as directed it is effective against small sources of malodour such as smoke, mould & H2S.

Depending on the area to be treated it may also actually destroy any mould present.
The pack releases 700 mg/l of clo2. This equates to 50 mg/l in 14m3

Directions for Use

  1. 1. Remove the label from inside the lid of the clam shell to expose the air holes.
  2. Open the clam shell and fill the base with water* to the upper level of the foam insert (about 40 mls).
    By gently pressing on the surface of the foam the water will be universally absorbed over the whole surface.
    * Warm water works better.
  3. Remove the powder sachet from the foil pack and place it on the wet foam.
  4. Close the clam shell & position in the centre of the area to be treated on an elevated surface, if possible, and on newspapers or plastic sheet to safeguard surface against any accidental spillage.
  5. Seal the area being treated for 3 hours and then air thoroughly before use.

Safety Information

  • Carefully read the MSDS before using this product.
  • Do not breathe the chlorine dioxide gas as it may cause irritation.
  • Do not get the liquid on your skin as it may irritate.
  • Avoid spillage on clothing as the product may cause bleaching.
  • Discard the empty pack & foam responsibly.

Product Specifications