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Cardboard Disposable V/Form 4 inch Filters


These pleated filters use synthetic media and bonded to a weld mesh on the air-exiting side and then enclosed into die-cut cardboard. These filters are available in three thickness - 22mm (1”), 45mm (2”) , 95mm (4”) with 30-35% efficiency rate.

Product list

CodeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Nominal (Inches)Capacity (L/S)Nominal ThicknessClean Resistance PaEfficiency
FAC4-0139449595/14P16x20x449595 mm32G4
FAC4-0249549595/18P20x20x462095 mm32G4
FAC4-0339462295/14P25x16x462095 mm32G4
FAC4-0449462295/18P25x20x478095 mm32G4
FAC4-057494959520x30x493095 mm32G4
FAC4-0659559595/21P24x24x490095 mm32G4
FAC4-0859529295/11P12x24x445095 mm32G4
FAC4-1159549595/18P20x24x474095 mm32G4
FAC4-1229029095/11P12x12x421095 mm32G4
FAC4-135192399510x21x495 mm32G4
FAC4-153943949516x16x495 mm32G4
FAC4-1659539495/14P16x24x459595 mm32G4
FAC4-204954459518x20x495 mm32G4
FAC4-213942399510x16x495 mm32G4
FAC4-2459544595/16P18x24x467095 mm32G4


Series : Pleated Series
Frame : Rigid high wet-strength beverage board
Media : G4 Synthetic Media
Fire retardant grade : UL900 Class 2
Temperature ≤ 70° C
Humidity ≤ 95% RH
Efficiency : G4 -30 to 35%
Average Arrestance : 91%
Dust Holding Capacity : 231g/m² at 125Pa
Test Velocity : 2.54 m/s


These Filters are at low cost, easy to install in wide range of application and are high moisture resistant.


These Filters can be used as pre-filters for most demanding filtration system and for extending the life of expensive high-efficiency filters. They can be used in residential, commercial and industrial situations.