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Activated Carbon Panels


The panels are made in two halves. This enables us to place the carbon in mesh bags, which are placed in one half of the panel. The two sides are then placed together and held by pop rivets.

Using the mesh bags enables us to ensure that the correct amount of carbon is used in the original panel and subsequently in the replacement bags during service.

In other carbon filters the carbon is loose and is poured into the panel from one side. This narrow side opening is very difficult to pour the carbon granules into and the carbon scatters. Also there are no guarantees that the correct amount is placed into the panel.

Rainbow Filters can supply a range of carbons to suit many applications that eliminate offensive odours that may be exhausted to atmosphere such as Sewerage Pumping Stations, Kitchen Exhaust to eliminate cooking smells, Mortuaries to eliminate formaldehyde smells. As well as applications that require contaminants to be removed before being used in product manufacture.

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