VariCel II MH


VariCel II MH filters are designed for service in HVAC systems with difficult operating conditions, such as variable air volume, turbulent air flow, repeated fan shutdown, or high humidity. Metal construction improves performance while contributing to superior moisture resistance.

The slim-line design of the VariCel II MH provides minimum resistance and maximum dust loading capacity, while lowering operating costs. The pleated media is made of microglass paper with a dual density fiber construction and water repellent binder. Rows of adhesive beads are applied to the media to maintain even pleat spacing and provide maximum airflow. The consistent pleat spacing of the media allows higher dust holding capacity and full use of the entire depth of the media. A galvanized steel, expanded metal faceguard is added to the air leaving side of every filter. Faceguards on both sides are optional.

With its galvanized steel header, the VariCel II MH filter can be installed in holding frames or side access housings with a 13/16” wide track. The tracks may be of the stationary type, such as the AAF PolySeal, or with a removable locking mechanism to seal the filters, such as the AAF LeverLock.

VariCel II MH ULTRA filters are equipped with Antimicrobial. Antimicrobial acts as a preservative to ensure the integrity of the media throughout the life of the filter. EPA registered and environmentally safe, antimicrobial inhibits the growth of microorganisms documented to affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Available in the following models …

  • MERV 11
    Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 60-65%
  • MERV 11 Ultra
    Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 60-65%
  • MERV 14
    Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 80-85%
  • MERV 15
    Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 90-95%
  • MERV 15 Ultra
    Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 90-95%

VariCel II MH ULTRA with antimicrobial has a MERV rating of 14/15 and is a product that may contribute to the achievement of LEED Project Certification.


Filter Depth: 4”
Max Temperature: 150° F
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Box
Header: Yes

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