Type W RotoClone


The Type W RotoClone is designed to combine the scrubbing effect of water with the principle of dynamic precipitation. It is a highly effective wet-type collector which discharges collected materials in slurry form. The Type W collector operates continuously at 98+% efficiency with minimum water requirements (only 1/2 to 1 gallon per 1,000 CFM of air).

The Type W is capable of handling hot, moist gas streams and sticky dusts, which makes it effective in applications such as chemical processing, mining, coal processing, food and pharmaceutical dust capture. Two optional outlets are available for vertical discharge: a 90-degree outlet elbow for immediate redirection, and a centrifugal outlet for recirculation or corrosive mists.

Available in the following two models …

  • The Type W RotoClone, Arrangement A is recommended for the collection of light loadings of granular dusts and mist. Dynamic forces developed by the rotating impeller cause even the finest particles to impinge on, and be trapped by, the flowing water film which covers all blade surfaces. The slurry formed by water and collected dust drains from the bottom of the RotoClone expansion chamber.
    The Arrangement A model is available in twelve sizes.

  • The Type W RotoClone, Arrangement D is designed to collect heavy concentrations of granular dust. The Arrangement D is equipped with an integral wet centrifugal precleaner, which removes a high percentage of the incoming dust from the airstream. The pressure loss in the wet precleaner section is approximately twice the value of the inlet velocity pressure for an Arrangement A RotoClone of the same size. Collected dust and water are continuously discharged as a slurry through a single hopper drain.
    The Type W, Arrangement D model is available in seven sizes. for larger sizes, contact your local AAF Representative.

CFM (Air Volume): 1,000-15,000
Efficiency %: 99.00
Grain Loading/cf: 1-2
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Material Characteristics: Dry, Wet, Sticky, Corrosive, Oily, Fibrous, Ambient Air
Max Temperature: 400° F
Type of Collector: Wet

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