Type N RotoClone


The Type N RotoClone is the best solution to a wide variety of dust collection needs. It combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, low water usage, and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.

The Type N cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust-laden air. Our unique airfoil design impeller provides the complete scrubbing necessary to precipitate fine particles. Designed to maximize the cleaning effect of the energy used, the Type N can be selected to operate at specific efficiency levels for individual project requirements. The pressure drop can be varied from 5.3” to 11.7” w.g.

The Type N RotoClone is assembled of heavy gauge hot rolled steel. For highly corrosive conditions, the Type N can be fabricated of stainless steel or lined with coal-tar epoxy. The unit is available in three sludge disposal arrangements, with three water level control options to tailor to your needs.

Available in the following three models …

  • Type N RotoClone, Arrangement B, is designed for reduced height and low initial cost. Since collected material must be removed manually, this arrangement is appropriate for applications where dust loadings are light, such as, the exhaust of buffing, polishing, and metal working; packaging, sorting, and weighing operations; and chemical products.
    In units with a single impeller, one side of the reservoir is sloped to facilitate removal of the collected material. With the double impeller units, it is usually necessary to drain the reservoir for sludge removal. Access door location and interior headroom is provided to facilitate shoveling collected material to a tote box or sludge chute.
    Arrangement B is available in ten sizes. Its flat bottom design makes the model ideal for applications with space limitations, especially low headroom.

  • Type N RotoClone, Arrangement C, is designed to reduce manual removal of collected material. It is recommended for moderate and heavy dust loads and continuous service applications. This arrangement is frequently used for foundry sand handling applications; abrasive cleaning, buffing, and grinding; material handling; and dryer and process exhaust.
    Steep sides in the hopper minimize material build-up, while the sludge ejector mechanism provides easy removal of collected material. The ejector assembly is designed for heavy-duty service and driven by a small geared motor. A slow chain speed, combined with a long steep ejector chute assures effective dewatering of the solid material as it is ejected. Scrubbing water is conserved and make-up water is reduced.
    Arrangement C is available in 15 sizes, with maxiumum dimensions of 28’8” x 8’7” x 18’0”.

  • Type N RotoClone, Arrangement D, is designed to sluice collected material through the hopper into a process or disposal point. Sluicing may be continuous or intermittent. This arrangement is recommended for material handling applications in the chemical and rock products industries; and dust abatement on crushers, screens, and transfer points for mining and rock products. To maintain the scrubbing water at the proper operating level, a constant supply of make-up water and drainage is required.
    Arrangement D is available in 15 sizes, with maximum dimensions of 26’11” x 9’6” x 19’10”.

Efficiency %: 99.00
Grain Loading/cf: 5-10
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Material Characteristics: Dry, Wet, Sticky, Corrosive, Oily, Fibrous, Ambient Air
Max Temperature: 400° F
Type of Collector: Wet

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