SureStop 319 Plus


The multi-layer media design of the SureStop 319 Plus provides both high paint holding capacity and collection efficiency. The prefilter layer is composed of a heavy duty, dual density synthetic media. The efficiency layer is composed of a polypropylene fine fiber layer, between two layers of polypropylene scrim material for strength and durability. Tapered pocket design maximizes the use of media in the filter.

The finished filter is formed by sonically bonding the media around an internal wire support frame. A built-in gasket between the wire support frame and holding frame secures the filter in place and seals it to prevent bypass. This self-sealing design provides fast, easy installation and removal.

The SureStop 319 Plus is available in a wide range of depths and sizes. When tested per the EPA Method 319 Test protocol, the SureStop 319 Plus exceeds NESHAP requirements in existing two-stage aerospace applications.

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Max Temperature: 150° F UL Class: 2 Filter Type: Cube


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