Side Access Carbon


Side Access Carbon housing removes gaseous contaminants from the airstream through adsorption and in some cases chemical neutralization. Each refillable Carbon tray is furnished with 45 pounds of activated charcoal per 1,000 cfm of rated capacity. Conformed to a 4 x 8 mesh, the high quality activated charcoal is effective on a large range of common contaminants. AAF also offers alternative medias such as activated alumina impregnated with Potassium Permanganate. The impregnant chemically neutralizes absorbed contaminants such as Formaldehyde, SO2 and H2S.

Made with rugged, welded construction, Side Access Carbon housing utilizes 1” wide flanges, vertical supports and angle braces. Hinged access doors seal against the housing using latches and a neoprene gasket. The Carbon housing is designed to operate at up to 6 in. w.g. negative or positive pressure. It is offered in 96 sizes spanning heights from nominal 1’ through 8’, and widths from nominal 1’ through 12’. The housing is 36” deep including a 2” prefilter track, or 38” with an optional 4” track.

CFM (Air Volume): 1,000-48,000
Efficiency %: 99+
Grain Loading/cf: Ambient Air
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Material Characteristics: Ambient Air
Max Temperature: 150° F
Type of Collector: Filter Housings

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