The SAAFCarb MC media is recommended for emergency removal of chlorine gas from an accidentally discharged storage container. SAAFCarb MC media consists of 1/8” diameter, porous pellets formed from a non-toxic combination of powdered activated carbon, alumina and other binders. The pellets are uniformly impregnated to enhance the capacity for removal of chlorine to a 10% weight minimum.


The SAAFCarb MC media chemisorptive process removes chlorine gas by adsorption, adsorption, and chemical reaction. The pellets trap and oxidize the gases, changing them into harmless solids while eliminating desorption. SAAFCarb MC media’s engineering allows the process to be instantaneous, irreversible and chemically safe.

The media performs at a range of -40°F to less than 200°F. For emergency applications, the scrubber and SAAFCarb MC media are designed to handle flow rates equal to and greater than 400 lbs/min.


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