SAAFCarb enhanced capacity media efficiently removes 99.5% of targeted contaminants from SAAFCarb systems. Target impurities include diesel fumes (nitrogen dioxide), hydrocarbons, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The pelletized activated carbon is composed of non-toxic, bituminous coal substrate. SAAFCarb media removes toxic and impure gases from the environment by adsorption. In this process, the gases accumulate on the surface of the pellet.

The 4.0 mm pellet media undergoes several quality control tests before being shipped, revealing low pressure drop and high adsorptive capacity. SAAFCarb media performs at a range of -4° to 125°F (-20° to 51°C) under 10–95% relative humidity (RH). Airflow is effective in commercial and industrial systems, and ranges from less than 25 CFM (42.5 m3/hr) to over 100,000 CFM (169,920 m3/hr) and with velocities from 60 to 500 FPM (1,080 to 9,000 m/hr).

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