Roll-O-Mat Gold


The 65’ Roll-O-Mat Gold is made up of premium quality fiberglass media. This Gold model has more glass fibers - more than 8 ½ miles per square foot - than any competitive media. Higher fiber content provides more dirt catching media surface, providing higher arrestance and greater dust holding capacity.

Resin-bonded fibers on the air entering side are interlaced in an open pattern which becomes progressively tighter to prevent faceloading. A series of flexible glass “wires” running the length of the roll provide supplemental support while strands on the air leaving side provide high tensile strength. The glass fibers of the Roll-O-Mat are coated with a heavy application of Vicosine gel. Viscosine is a non-toxic, non-flammable adhesive that helps prevent particles from breaking away and flowing downstream.

Roll-O-Mat Gold media is designed for use in all models of the AAF Roll-O-Matic automatic roll filters. It is also designed for use in most competitive automatic roll filters. The Gold media can be used as a primary filter in general air filtration applications or as a prefilter to higher efficiency filters.

Available in the following models …

  • No Leader or Trailer
  • With Scrim

Unlike other Roll-O-Mats, this Roll-O-Mat Gold model has neither a heavy kraft paper “leader” or “trailer” attached to the media roll ends. This design makes it ideal for use in turbine and compressor applications to prevent damage by metal staples that may be drawn into the compression section.

The Roll-O-Mat Gold with Scrim is the preferred choice for horizontal models of the AAF Roll-O-Matic as well as most competitive automatic roll filters.


Filter Depth: 2”
Max Temperature: 175° F
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Auto-Roll
Header: No
Antimicrobial: No

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