PolyKlean Rolls


Formed from high loft polyester media, PolyKlean rolls have an extremely large amount of fiber surface area and intersections. The intricate fiber structure holds more dirt with less resistance. Pressure sensitive dry tack adhesive is applied on the air leaving side for added performance. PolyKlean Gold rolls are also treated with an antimicrobial. The antimicrobial acts as a preservative to ensure the integrity of the media, and inhibits the growth of microorganisms documented to affect Indoor air Quality.

PolyKlean filter medias are widely used in commercial HVAC systems and unitary equipment involving medium to heavy dirt loading conditions. They also function as excellent prefilters. As prefilters, they remove the larger, heavier particles that would quickly plug up high efficiency filters. This extends the life of the final filter while reducing operating costs.

PolyKlean filter media rolls are designed for custom sizing and installation in permanent metal frames. By using media and frames instead of disposable panel filters, substantial cost savings can be achieved after only a few changeouts.

Available in the following combination of colors and filter depths …

  • Blue (1/2”, 1”, 2”)
  • Gold with Antimicrobial (1”, 2”)
  • White (1”, 2”)
Max Temperature: 175° F
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Roll
Header: No

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