Permanent Filter


Built for exceptional performance, permanent aluminum filters have a large dust-holding capacity. Multiple layers of pleated aluminum capture more dirt, and lightweight construction makes these filters easy to handle, install, and clean. Aluminum filters are used for general air filtration in any HVAC system as well as prefilters to higher efficiency filters. They are especially suited for applications requiring permanent, washable or high temperature filters.

Material Max Temperature
Aluminum 700 °F
Galvanized 350 °F
Stainless Steel 1000 °F

Available in the following filter depths …

  • Aluminum: 1”
  • Aluminum: 2”
  • Galvanized: 1”
  • Galvanized: 2”
  • Stainless Steel: 1”
  • Stainless Steel: 2”
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Panel
Header: No
Antimicrobial: No

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