OptiFlo WFE 150


Portable, compact and affordable, the OptiFlo WFE 150 is the ideal solution for the capturing of weld fume in the workplace. The WFE 150 is designed using the latest technology in fume capture and is suitable for most industrial environments, such as industrial maintenance, car repair shops and light mechanical shops.

The OptiFlo WFE 150 operates at 2800 RPM under airflows of 764 or 823 CFM. The fume arm is completely articulated, extendable and has 360° of rotation.

Also Availble in another two models …

  • OptiFlo WFE 150 Carbo
  • OptiFlo WFE 150P

They are a convenient and flexible solution for the capture of weld fume/smoke. They can be moved around your facility to suit the changing demands of your operation.


  • The WFE 150 Carbo features a high efficiency cartridge filter and the ability to recycle cleaned air back into the plant. The activated carbon filter promotes gas adsorption for increased performance. The unit operates at 3400 RPM under 882 CFM airflow.

  • The WFE 150P unit features high efficiency cartridge filters and the ability to pulse clean the cartridges. It operates at 3400 RPM under 695 CFM airflow.

Efficiency %: 99.00
Grain Loading/cf: 1-2
Hours of Operation: 0-8
Material Characteristics: Dry
Max Temperature: 150° F
Media Type: Polyester & Cellulose Blend, Spun Bonded Polyester
Type of Collector: Cartridge

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