Nuclear AstroCel III


The AstroCel III HEPA filter removes ultra-fine particles from ventilation and process air using a high ratio media area to face area. This high-density media (MIL-F-51079) of sub-micron glass fibers is folded into a closely pleated panel pack. The AstroCel III uses fiberglass string separators to hold open the pleats, which provides unobstructed air flow through the filter. The media packs are assembled and sealed in a multiple V-bank arrangement, allowing 400 sq. ft. of usable surface area in each filter.

Constructed with stainless steel cell sides, the AstroCel III features rigid flanges, dovetailed neoprene gaskets and galvanized hardware cloth faceguards. The AstroCel III’s design permits a longer life for heavy contamination applications, reducing the number of spent filters that require radiation waste disposal.

The AstroCel III operates at a flow capacity of 2000 cfm at 1.2 in. w.g. Its HEPA media provides 99.97% efficiency on .3 micron particles. All AAF AstroCel III Nuclear Grade HEPA filters are designed, manufactured, and tested under a Nuclear Quality Assurance Program meeting all requirements of ASME NQA-1, ASME N509-1989 and ASME AG-1.


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