Series : Pocket Series
Frame : Galvanized sheet metal 20mm header frame
Media : Polyester media
Fire retardant grade : UL900
Temperature : < 100° C
Efficiency : G4 – Rating
Recommended final pressure drop < 250Pa


Available in different capacities from Medium to High efficiency. Filtration can be performed at low resistance.


Polyester media pocket filters are used in both commercial and industrial applications and others such as hospital, schools and public building. They are installed in general air conditioning plants. Pocket filters also used as a medium filter in clean room filtration.


These pocket filters are constructed with Polyester media and assembled in galvanized steel frame. Our pocket filter offers high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to air-flow.

Performance data and dimensions:

Product code Actual size W x H x D (mm) Capacity Clean Resistance Efficiency Number of Pockets
MW 572 HF-G4-01 508x406x570 523 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 2
MW 572 HF-G4-02 508x508x570 655 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 2
MW 573 HF-G4-03 635x406x570 654 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 3
MW 573 HF-G4-04 635x508x570 819 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 3
MW 573 HF-G4-05 762x508x570 982 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 3
MW 573 HF-G4-06 610x610x570 944 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 3
MW 572 HF-G4-08 610x305x570 472 l/s 45 - 55 Pa G4 2

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