With RFM G4 Media

“Rainbow” MAXI WEDGE Deep Bed Filters consist of three basic parts.

  1. The Main Mounting or Fixed Frame, incorporates a specially designed wire “Media Support Frame”. This frame ensures that the media does not vibrate or flap when in use, or sag when the system is turned off, thus preventing accumulated dust from vibrating loose and passing into the air stream on start-up.

  2. The inner Media Retaining Frame, creates a positive seal between the media and the main frame, thus ensuring there is no bypass. This frame also has a shaped wire frame incorporated to form the media bag into the correct shape.

  3. The Filter Bag is sewn into a wedge shape and the point of the wedge is drawn back into the centre of the filter, thus giving a large media area in proportion to the face area and the depth of the fitter. This media area gives the filter a very large dust holding capacity.

Filter Codes & sizes:

Filter Code Actual Size mm Capacity L/S Face Velocity Clean Resistance
MW80-G4-01 508X406X610 523 2.54 35
MW80-G4-02 508X508X610 654 2.54 35
MW80-G4-03 635X406X610 655 2.54 35
MW80-G4-04 635X508X610 819 2.54 35
MW80-G4-05 762X508X610 982 2.54 35
MW80-G4-06 610X610X610 944 2.54 35
MW80-G4-08 610X305X610 472 2.54 35

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