Series : Disposable Pleat

Frame : Galvanized & Stainless steel

Media : G4

Fire retardant grade : UL900

Temperature < 70° C

Humidity < 100% RH

Efficiency : G4

Recommended finalPressure drop < 250Pa

The “Rainbow Enviropleat” was designed as a cost effective, low maintenance extended surface veeform filter that meets filter efficiencies ranging from G2 to F9 by simply replacing the filter media.

The hinged gate allows for easy replacement of filter media that is pre-pleated held together with weld mesh on both sides for strength. The “Rainbow Enviropleat” is also - Environmentally friendly (reduced land fill as filter media is only to be replaced on an ongoing basis);

  • Cost effective replacement insert media, (frame is a once off purchase);

  • Accepts all Rainbow filter medias from G2-F9;

  • Water resistant;

  • 100% Australian made;

  • Available in any size;

  • Filter media supported both sides;

  • Light weight, easy to install and service; and

  • Economical to transport (carton of 10 conventional metal frame or cardboard frame filters converts to 30 “Rainbow Enviropleat” replacements in the same size carton).

Performance data and dimensions:

Normal supplies of pleats are G4 Disposable.

Product code Description Actual size W x H x D (mm) Capacity (L/S) Clean Resistance (Pa) Efficiency
ENVIROFRPL-01 Frame & Pleat 495 x 394 x 45 358 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-02 Frame & Pleat 495 x 495 x 45 450 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-03 Frame & Pleat 622 x 395 x 45 450 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-04 Frame & Pleat 622 x 495 x 45 566 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-05 Frame & Pleat 749 x 495 x 45 681 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-06 Frame & Pleat 595 x 595 x 45 650 50 G4
ENVIROFRPL-08 Frame & Pleat 595 x 290 x 45 325 50 G4

Efficiency and Nonstandard sizes to be nominated while ordering.

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