BioCel III 4000


BioCel III 4000 is classified H11 (EN1822) and is designed for high air volume installations. It is the ideal filter for upgrading a non-HEPA HVAC installation into a HEPA installation while increasing the airflow through the system. Along with a 2350 CFM (4000 m3/h) capacity, BioCel III also offers a low pressure drop which reduces energy costs and prolongs service life.

The BioCel III 4000 is composed of high density, glass fibre media; thermoplastic separators; and zinc coated steel cell sides. The high efficiency filter operates at temperatures up to 159°F (70°C) with an initial resistance of 0.8” w.g. @ 2350 CFM (nominal). Typical areas of application include clean areas in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and healthcare industries.

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