AstroCel II LPD


The AstroCel II LPD Series with knife edge cell sides was designed specifically for AAF’s AstroGel gel seal grid system. The grid consists of a network of E-channel extrusions in which a gel sealant is poured to assure an airtight seal around the edges.

The AstroCel II Series is designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing, and other industries in which airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled.

With deep media pack, the AstroCel II’s mini-pleat design reduces resistance and provides the lowest possible pressure drop. Ribbons of media maintain pleat separation within the pack, while allowing a more compact filter depth than corrugated separators. The media pack is bonded to the sides of the extruded aluminum frame with urethane adhesive, forming an airtight seal. AstroCel II microglass media is water-resistant and fire-retardant.

AstroCel II filters are scan tested at 99.99% efficiency with a NON-DOP aerosol to insure the filter is free from pin hole leaks. Also available is an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) model, which is additionally laser tested to 99.9995% at 0.12μm.

Available in the following pack depths …

  • 2” 3-1/4” Cell Sides (87) - 2” Media Pack
  • 3” 3-3/4” Cell Sides (59) - 3” Media Pack
  • 4” 4-3/4” Cell Sides (69) - 4” Media Pack
  • 4” 5-1/4” Cell Sides (67) - 4” Media Pack
Efficiency: 99.99% on 0.3µm, 99.9995% on 0.1-0.2µm
Max Temperature: 200° F
UL Class: 1
Filter Type: HEPA
Header: No
Antimicrobial: No

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