AmerSorb MPV


AmerSorb MPV is a rigid, durable extended surface filter that holds eight replaceable panels filled with your choice of AmerSorb media. The panels are assembled into a series of four V-banks to maximize surface area and effectiveness while reducing resistance to airflow.

The multi-purpose V-banks can be filled with one of five types of panels tailored to your specific application: honeycomb panels, a perforated metal panel, bonded carbon panels, and panels tailored to AmerSorb media packs. All have gasketing applied to the front and back sealing surfaces to ensure a no-leak path.

Within the panels, a variety of adsorbents are recommended for specific applications: activated carbon for odor control; potassium permanganate for removal of ammonia, sulfur compouns, formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides; impregnated carbon for use with heavy concentrations of acid gas; and a 50/50 blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate for air handling equipment where sulfur, aldehydes, and VOC’s are present.

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