AmerSeal Self-Sealing, Ring and Link Panel Filters


Equipped with an internal wire frame sealed inside layers of moisture resistant, polyester media, AmerSeal filters are made for dependable, trouble-free operation.

AmerSeal link panel filters are designed primarily for use in side access applications in all types of industrial and commercial systems. The entire link can be easily inserted into, and removed from, the channel as a single unit. Also, the continuous link design eliminates bypass between filters which can allow unfiltered air to enter the system.

AmerSeal ring panel filters are designed for general air filtration in all types of industrial and commercial cooling, heating and ventilating systems. They are directly interchangeable with external frame type disposable panel filters and will fit into most manufacturers’ holding frames with no clips, latches, or other holding devices required. They are also excellent prefilters to higher efficiency filters.

Available in antimicrobial as well.

Used on AmerSeal media, antimicrobial effectively restricts the spread of microbes while helping to preserve the integrity of the filter by limiting the proliferation of microbes it contacts.

Available in the following three models …

  • Green (2-ply)
  • Blue (3-ply)
  • Gold (4-ply)
MERV Rating: 8
Max Temperature: 175° F
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Panel
Header: No

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