AmAir/CP Odor Removal Pads


AmAir/CP media pads consist of a 1” thick substrate impregnated with a heavy loading of carbon granules (300 grams per sq. ft.). The pad is contained in a fine mesh nylon scrim to prevent spilling . Use AmAir/CP pads in combination with particulate filters to add odor removal capability to any filtration system. The carbon pads can be changed independently from other air filters to maximize the service life of each product.

AmAir/CP pads are designed for installation in permanent metal frames. AmAir/CP-3 pads must be installed in filter media frames with a retainer on the air entering side to properly support the pad to prevent sagging and bypass. AmAir/CP-3 pads with either a 3/4” or 1” thick aluminum frame with expanded metal grids are also available. AmAir/CP pads operate continuously in temperatures up to 120°F (49°C). CP pads are classified Class 2. Testing was performed according to UL Standard 900 and CAN 4-S111.


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