AmAir 300X


AmAir 300X filters are constructed with AAF’s totally unitized, double wall, die-cut box frame. A pleated media pack is bonded inside the frame and supported by a welded wire grid, creating more consistent pleat shape. This increased rigidity and uniform spacing provide maximum dust-holding capacity while minimizing resistance.

AmAir 300X filters are built rugged for durability and reliability under tough service conditions, including high moisture applications. They function as excellent primary filters or as prefilters to extend the life of higher efficiency filters*. The AmAir 300X model is directly interchangeable with disposable panel filters, media pads in metal frames, or permanent filters used in built-up filter banks and side access systems. No modifications are necessary to frames or latches.

*ASHRAE tests were conducted on AmAir 300X filters in combination with AAF 90-95% VariCel® high efficiency filters to determine the increased life of the final filters when prefiltered. Test results showed the AmAir 300X prefilters extended the life of the VariCel filter by 260%.


Available in the following filter depths …

  • 1”
  • 2”
  • 4”
MERV Rating: 7
Efficiency (ASHRAE 52.1): 25-30%
Max Temperature: 200° F
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Pleat
Header: No
Antimicrobial: No

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