AmAir 300GT


The AmAir 300GT provides the highest efficiency and longest service life available in a panel type filter, together with one of the lowest pressure drops available in its class. Specifically designed for gas turbine installations, this extended surface prefilter gives optimal performance to extend the life of the final filter.

The AmAir 300GT is made with AAF’s unitized, double-wall, die-cut box, beverage board frame. The media pack is bonded inside the frame at all points of contact, and the built-in deep upstream and downstream separators eliminate all possible disturbance of the pleat pattern under high humidity and variable airflow conditions, thus ensuring total usage of the filter media. Overall, the filter is designed for rugged durability and reliability under tough service conditions.

AmAir 300GT filters are directly interchangeable with all similar kinds of disposable panel filters, media pads in metal frames, or permanent filters used in built-up filter banks. No modifications are necessary to the frames or latches.

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