AirMat Type R


The AirMat R media roll is designed for use in AAF Auto-AirMat automatic dry-type air filters. The primary application is for removing cotton and synthetic fibers, dust, and other particles from return air systems in textile plants. It is also recommended for commercial laundry operations where high humidity and elevated temperatures exist.

This air filter media is a specially constructed, non-woven synthetic fabric made of polyester fibers. It is exceptionally efficient in removing dust and airborne fibers normally present in preparation, carding, spinning, and weaving rooms.

AirMat R has sufficient stability to stay in the side channels of the Auto-AirMat unit during installation and operation, even with heavy lint loads. It retains its strength under both turbulent and high humidity conditions (up to 99% R.H.).

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Max Temperature: 350° F Filter Type: Auto-Roll Header: No Antimicrobial: No


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