AG-28 Pads








AG-28 pads effectively remove paint overspray solids of all types - lacquer, air dry or baked enamel. The pads are made from continuous filament glass fibers with an open weave pattern that allows particles to penetrate deep into the pad. A skin backing on the air leaving side serves as a final barrier to prevent paint and other coatings from penetrating through the media. 

A specially formulated thermoset resin provides high compression strength to keep AG-28 pads from collapsing and face-loading as they become saturated. Air continues to flow smoothly through the pads preventing “fogging” or misting of paint particles in the booth. Cleaner exhaust air is discharged to the atmosphere, promoting healthier working conditions. Maintenance problems and fire hazards are reduced because fans, motors, and ducts do not accumulate layers of paint.

AG-28 pads can be easily installed into standard holding frames, no new grids or other accessories needed. They are directly interchangeable with other types of paint arrestors.


Filter Depth: 2"
UL Class: 2
Filter Type: Pad

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