Series : Aluminum Separator type

Header : Box, Single, Double

Frame : Wood, Aluminum, Galvanised & Stainless Steel

Separators: Aluminum foil

Media : Wet – laid micro – glassfibre

Sealant : Polyurethance

Fire retardant : UL900

Temperature : < 80° C

Humidity < 100% RH

Efficiency :

MPPS : > 99.95% (H13);

DOP : > 99.97% @ o.3 µm


These specially designed filters allow systems to control laminar air flow under high humidity. Hemmed edges on the aluminum reduce possible pleat damage. Low initial pressure of the media increases the life of filters. Filters meet UL class 900 fire codes.


These filters can remove a broad range of airborne contaminants. They can be used as final filters in hospital, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. They can also be used as pre-filters for the most demanding clean rooms.


Filters are constructed with stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminum, or wooden frame with aluminum foil pleated back and forth to optimize performance. Polyurethane sealant used in filter to prevent any possible leakage.

Performance data and dimensions:

Product code Actual Size W X D X HT (mm) Capacity Clean Resistance Efficiency
H13AS610305150 610x 305x150 213 L/s @ 1.14m/s 325Pa H13
H13AS610610150 610x610x150 452 L/s @ 1.2m/s 325Pa H13
H13AS915610150 915x 610x150 670 L/s @ 1.2m/s 325Pa H13
H13AS1220610150 1220x 610x150 890 L/s @ 1.2m/s 325Pa H13
H13AS610305290 610x 305x290 470 L/s @ 2.54m/s 350Pa H13
H13AS610610290 610x610x290 945 L/s @ 2.54m/s 350Pa H13
H13AS915610290 915x 610x290 1410 L/s @ 2.54m/s 350Pa H13
H13AS1220610290 1220x 610x290 1890 L/s @ 2.54m/s 350Pa H13

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